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Manage your Debts by Refinancing your Current Home Loan

Are Your Debts Getting Out of Control and Are You Thinking of Refinancing?

If you have answered yes, you should consider the possibility of refinancing your current home loan and combining your multiple debts (e.g. credit cards and other personal loans) into one home loan.

Do You Want to Get Back in Control of Your Debts?

If your debts are getting out of control, and you are thinking of refinancing your current home loan, consolidating your debts and reducing your repayments, let a reputed brokerage firm arrange your refinance. You will find yourself being able to better manage your personal and household budget.

How does the process of Refinancing My Home Loan to Consolidate My Debts work?

The process of refinancing your current home loan to consolidate your multiple debts is a very easy process. You simply consider applying for a new loan on your current property and you use this new loan to pay out:

>> Your current home loan, and

>> Any other debt you may have (e.g. higher interest credit cards or personal loans)

How Can I Benefit by Refinancing My Current Home Loan and Consolidating My Debts?

You too can benefit in the same way that many Australians are already benefiting by refinancing your current home loan. This will enable you to:

>> Lower your monthly repayments

>> Make only one repayment

>> Lower your interest rate

>> Reduce the amount of time it takes to pay off your home loan

>> Get yourself back in control of your debts much sooner than you anticipated

>> You will not have to experience the stress and pain of overdrawn or over the limit credit card balances

>> Reduce your debts (including eliminating high interest credit card debt and personal loans)

>> You will not have to pay the higher credit card interest rates anymore

Who can enjoy the Benefits of Refinancing?

Refinancing may benefit you even if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

>> Short-term employed or not employed long enough

>> Irregular income

>> Self-employed

>> Government Allowance including New Start

>> Previously bankrupt

>> Declined by another lender

>> Pensioner

>> Adverse credit history

>> Existing loan arrears or defaults

>> Limited savings history

What Should I Consider When I Am Applying for a Refinance Home Loan?

Make sure, the refinancing and debt consolidation process is beneficial to you. I suggest you to consider the following outcomes at the time of applying for a refinance home loan and confirm in your own mind, if the outcomes are to your benefit:

>> You are kept fully informed

>> Your repayments will be reduced - not increased

>> There are no hidden fees or costs

>> You have achieved control over all your debts

>> There is a real long term benefit to you

So, don’t spend your money in making high monthly repayments. Take full control of your debts and contact a reputed brokerage firm. It will provide you with expert advice on refinancing your current home loan to consolidate your debts.

Singh Finance is a expert finance broker. It has a team of professionally qualified finance experts who will help you in refinancing your existing home loan. Get ready to consolidate your debts and make your repayments affordable. Contact Singh Finance today.


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