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Common Fish Tank Problems

Common Fish Tank Problems
By Clifford Woods

It is a fact that fish tank problems are unavoidable. It doesn't matter how new or old your aquarium is; troubles always seem to pop up. Locating the causes and correcting it before issues get out of hand is vital.

Additionally, on the positive side, problems present one with a great possibility to learn a bit more about how exactly your fish tank performs and how to keep it healthier down the road.

Nearly all fish tank complications have to do with the quality of the water, which is not too astonishing as that water is rather vital in a successful tank operation. Even so, finding out what is wrong with your water can be a challenge since there are many factors to take into consideration. Below are just a few of the most frequent.

To put it simply, algae will occur. Every single aquarium, including healthy ones, has at the very least a little algae development. Trying to keep your tank algae-free is not the objective, but rather to keep algae under control. The best way to do that is to manage the two factors the algae requires - food and light.

Try not to overfeed and do block direct sunlight from getting to the tank. Performing these two things will help in the prevention of excess algae advancement substantially.

Additionally, if despite your very best attempts the algae will still not disappear, you might want to use a solution abundant with beneficial microorganisms. This type of product is completely safe to use in aquariums and will eliminate the source of algae for good.

Cloudy Water
A typical incident in new aquariums, cloudiness could possibly be the result of a few situation that demand corrective steps as follows:

Dissolved Minerals:
Water cloudiness may take place if the water in your aquarium is loaded with lots of dissolved minerals and or heavy metals. An easy way to find out if this is actually the situation is to check the pH.

It may be high. If this is the problem then action will need to be taken to reduce the pH and take out the extra minerals. Your local fish shop can help with this

Fine Particles:
In a brand new established fish tank, fine particles from your substrate frequently cloud the water. It is nothing to be worried about however since they will settle down or end up being captured by the filtration system within a couple of days at most.

Aggressive Fish
A few fish are valued for their aggressive character, however even those recognized for their calm manner can present indications of aggression every now and then. The reasons are extensive; however it generally comes down to the fish becoming unsatisfied with one thing in their environment.

Likely reasons can include:
* Inadequate Space
* Gender Imbalance - males usually contend for female interest; an excessive amount of males and not enough females can result in difficulties.
* Incompatibility of Fish Types
* Aggressive Breeds - a number of specific fish are merely far more hostile than others.

Quite a few aggression troubles may be resolved by simply introducing or getting rid of fish to ease the matter. Getting rid of the bully as opposed to the victim is more suitable. In addition, briefly separating problem fish or rearranging the aquarium ornaments in addition to adding more of them will occasionally do the job.

Regular upkeep is vital in preventing such troubles from taking place to begin with. Regardless of whether things appear to be running smoothly, performing a few easy checks from time to time will go quite a ways towards making sure you have a content and healthy fish tank.
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