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Casinos: From The Beginnings to The Online Play Era

Casinos have come a long way from their inception. Nowadays, online play is slowly becoming the norm, but it’s worth reflecting on the early days and the experience that the classic casino offered. This article will walk you through different stages, from the classic casino concept up until the modern online play era.

The word casino is of Italian origins and can be translated as a small villa. So, it comes as no surprise that the first ever classic casino was established in Venice, back in 1638. As the name suggests, the concept behind the first classic casino was different than what we are used to nowadays. It was a place of pleasure, a place where individuals the likes of Casanova would hang out. Before the online play era, the concept of classic casino evolved around the 19th century into addressing other worldly pleasure such as gambling activities or sports. But even around this period, a classic casino would still host a number of events, from banquets to theater plays and so forth. Then came the 20th century which saw the concept of classic casinos focus solely on what we nowadays are accustomed to: games of chance.

The US was to take the lead with this new form of classic casino activities, as classic casino house sprung up like flowers in the spring. What allured scores of people to the classic casino houses were the chances of fortune and what many consider as the best game - American style roulette. Touted as the best game, the American roulette evolved from the classic French version and quickly gained prestige. The reason this style of play came to be regarded as the best game is its simplified rules, more accessible to different types of players. Another reason that helped turn this into the best game was its fast cashed action. Finally, what set apart this style of play and turn it into the best game was its single or double zero wheel.

With the rise of the internet, the classic casino concept evolved to online play styles. What was regarded as the best game in classic casino houses was now translated to online play and this move helped propel the best game to whole new level. Scores of individuals became passionate about American style roulette and further consolidated its status as the best game on the market. One of the main attractions of online play was that a whole range of people gained access to the best game from the comfort of their homes. Online play also led the way to a new type of professional players who made their living on perfecting their strategies and conquering the American style roulette, the best game out there.

Nowadays, online play styles make up a large percentage of casino players worldwide. Although still a long way from conquering the classic casino market, online play styles are quickly gaining ground and show no signs of slowdowns.

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