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How A Woman Can Cure Low Sex Drive Fast and Naturally?

Low sex drive is a condition more common in women than men. It is characterized by low desire for sex in women, and has serious repercussions on the marital relationship. Usually low libido in women occurs for a short period, say for few hours to a few days, but if it persists longer such as for weeks or months, it requires treatment. A woman suffering from low sex drive would not initiate sex moves, would lack fantasies and other sex related desires. The love making desire in women, as in men, decrease with growing age. The lack of sex desire in women is much more complicated than in case of men.

There are several physiological as well as psychological reasons of low libido in women. The use of calming medicines such as those for depression, anxieties, or the likes, slows down the functions of the brain. Other causes of low sex drive in women include excessive alcoholism, anemia, stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems on the psychological level. The physiological causes are poor diet, lack of physical activities, unhealthy lifestyle, diseases like cardiovascular complications and diabetes. It is reflected in behavioral problem, tiredness, and poor memory focus.

The natural remedies for low sex drive in women include healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, exercises, and having mental peace. Yoga and meditation are also useful. Presently, market abounds in medicines claiming to cure low sex drive in women, but they besides being ineffective are prepared from synthetic or artificial substances. They have serious side effects, and harm the body in general. Hence women can take Kamni capsule which is an herbal product containing natural herbs and plants as its ingredients to treat successfully low libido. It contains such herbs as Akarkara, Saffron, Laung, Sonth, Jaipatri, Abrak Bhasm, Bang Bhasm, Nag Bhasm, Nutmeg, Lauh Bhasm, Hingul, Ras Sindhoor, Sulphur, and opium as its ingredients.

These herbs and plants are highly effective in curing low sex drive in women naturally. These herbs increase blood circulation in the female genitals, strengthen the tissues of vagina, energizes the whole body, enhances immunity, and provides necessary strength and stamina to women. The capsule strengthens muscles of the body including pelvic muscles and muscles surrounding the vagina, and nerves and tissues of the female genitals. A woman must take two capsules twice daily regularly for around three to four months to get the best results although the benefits can be felt just after a few days.


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