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The Knysna Forest

The town of Knysna used to be a secluded logging town situated in the midst of a considerable and thick forest. The river-like estuary afforded ocean access to sailing ships. Massive logging operations driven by the original 18th century European settlers resulted in extensive deforestation of the area. Then, not a moment too soon, an obligatory halt curbed the lunacy. While vast sectors of the woodlands were lost, beautiful, dense indigenous forests can still be found around the Knysna area, aptly named, the Knysna Forest.

The Knysna Forest is a wide strip of thick woodland that covers a total of over 60 000 hectares and is situated on the southern slants of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains. The massive expanse includes Goudveld and Diepwalle Forests, which include Stinkwood, White Pear, Assegai and the pink-flowered Cape Chestnut. If flora alone is not enough of an incentive to explore this part of Knysna, this forested wonderland also includes an array of wildlife. The colourful Loerie, Wood Owl and Scrub Warbler are among those feathered fowl living in the high forest canopy. Baboon, Bushpig and Bushbuck droppings are seen on almost every corner giving evidence of their presence. Vervet monkeys and even Leopard call the forest home. Rumours and alleged sightings of the legendary forest elephants are plentiful although there have been no official sightings in years.

The Goudveld State Forest is a popular nature-lover's destination. The area is a blend of indigenous and cultivated forest. Goudveld offers mountain bike as well as deliciously secluded hiking trails. The 3.6km Jubilee Creek walk is one such trail that follows the creek to a gorgeous little pond, situated picture-perfectly under a waterfall. The Diepwalle Forest is notorious for its density of huge trees, the most impressive being the towering Yellowwoods. There are also mountain bike and foot trails in this forest and it is most definitely the best way to explore it, allowing for an up-close and personal forest experience. A couple of picnic spots are however accessible by car and the drive to and from the forest station is worthwhile as it cuts through verdant sections of the forest.

Such is the splendour of the magnificent Knysna Forest, a festival is held annually to celebrate its past and future and to preserve this blessing from nature.


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