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Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing in Summer Season

The harsh sun has already started encroaching and all the pretty ladies are worried about maintain their skin’s sheen. Although we are always advised to avoid going out in summers, it is practically not possible. Moreover, it is the perfect season to have fun with friends and plan adventurous outings. We do need to go out but at the same time it is also important to maintain the skin’s glow throughout the season.
Indian skin has a tendency to get dark when frequently exposed to the UV rays. So if you stay in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or any other Indian state, you must follow a skin care routine to preserve your natural beauty and enjoy a fairer complexion even during summertime.
Here are some useful suggestions:
Staying Well-hydrated is Essential

Your body tends to lose more water every day in summers. Hence it is immense to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated that basically you need to maintain your skin’s natural sheen. Make it a habit to keep a jug filled with water besides you at work and also at home and keep sipping in some frequently. You don’t really need to wait till you are thirsty for drinking water. Also include some melons, coconut water and other water-rich fruits in your diet.

Be Guarded by a Reliable Sunscreen
Available in cream, gel and lotion form, a good quality sunscreen must be your companion throughout the season. Apply it thoroughly on all the bare areas of your body at least 30 minutes before you step out. The light serums and gel-based lotions are perfect to keep your skin protected while maintaining the oil balance. Heavy makeup and cream-based cosmetics can cause break-outs. So you better avoid them.
Anti-tan Clean-up and Exfoliations

Check out the online beauty deals in Delhi and grab some free vouchers for discounted clean-ups and facials etc. at the reputed salons across the city to remove the tan and dullness that is unavoidable in the heat. It is also good to use homemade masks prepared with Aloe Vera gel, cucumber, lemon juice, yoghurt and egg white etc. but getting the skin pampered by professionals at least once in a month is pretty important. You can also check out the online discount coupons for manicure, pedicure, body waxing, hair rebonding and other services to look stylish during the summer season.

Manage Your Diet

Say no to high-calorie food and also avoid aerated drinks to keep your body fit and healthy. Remember you cannot have a great skin if your system doesn’t work properly. So deck up with sprouts, salads and lots of refreshing beverages like lemonade or fresh juices. Instead of going for crash diets, it is better to eat well-balanced, nutritious meals at frequent intervals.

Welcome the Scarves, Sunglasses and Umbrellas

Shop for some stylish scarves, shades and umbrellas and carry them whenever you go out. You may check out the online deals in Delhi for purchasing these products at economical prices.

Make use of the free online discount coupons to buy the summer accessories while availing services in the best beauty salons in Delhi or elsewhere. Wear light makeup and comfortable cotton clothes to beat the heat in the best possible way!


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