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The Intricacies of Best Fitted Dress Shirts Sewn in NYC

Good fit is interpreted in a plethora of ways but there are some minute yet important things to be considered here.

The Body
The body of the shirt needs to be trim covering the torso. It should not be snug so to say, and also not blouse-like to wear too. The body should be tapered down to the hip which means that fabric should not come out of the waistband. It is not like wearing a sport shirt since dress shirts need to be worn by tucking the tapers in. Sports shirts can to be untucked naturally, unlike the dress shirts found in NYC.

The Neck
One should measure the neck with the help of a tailor’s tape and one should try on some shirts before finalizing on them. There should be two fingers’ worth of space in between the collar space and the neck. Place your middle finger on top of your index finger. When the shirt is buttoned all the way up, one should try to have a finger stack between the neck and shirt collar. That is the ideal fit. One finger is fine for some people too and that is how you need to measure in that case.

If the two finger rule is not working, it means that the shirt collar is too tightly sewn. A 1/2 size larger would do, and one needs to size up until the rule is obeyed. Alternatively, If you can fit in the whole fist in between the collar and the neck, then the shirt is obviously too big, and it means that you need to size down for sure.

One need not worry too much about sleeve width if you are wearing a modern shirt. These shirts are trim and hence the sleeves of those shirts will be trim as well. Watch out if you have extra fabric in the sleeves, they look too loose and would look to be hanging outside your hand.

Do not dismiss modern-fit dress shirts to be perfect only for the skinny guys. The hefty ones can wear them too but only after finding the right size. Modern dress shirts in NYC are made by removing the unnecessary fabric so that there is enough which can accommodate your size and one can appear trimmer than ever.

Make sure the sleeve cuff is touching the wrist bone especially when the cufflinks are buttoned. The ideal sleeve length is this and I suppose one can find it to be comfortable and not tight.

Talking about shirt sleeves when wearing a suit jacket over the ideal sized dress shirt, one would need at least 1/2" of the shirt cuff to be displayed. Although that needs to be of your preference, you can stick to 1/4" of length. If the jacket sleeve is covering the shirt sleeve completely, then the jacket sleeve is longer than it should be or the shirt sleeve is shorter than it should be. One needs to get that fixed from the tailor since that looks odd enough.


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