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Some Things you should be Aware of While Setting up an Internet Kiosk

Internet kiosks are interactive kiosks that comprise of a computer terminal which provides public internet access through electronic methods. These kiosks look like phone boxes and are usually located in areas of high traffic like airports, hotel lobbies, medical waiting rooms, offices and apartment complex offices for fast access to web pages. They are situated here to provide internet access to the many people traversing these places.

These kiosks usually come with a credit card swipe or bill acceptor which users can use to make online cash transactions. For the easy use of the kiosk, they usually come with a computer keyboard, mouse and a monitor. While some kiosks can be used for free, some of them work on a payment system that is similar to the payment system used in vending machines or internet cafes.
Possible payment options

Most of the time, owners of pay-for-use kiosks have an arrangement with the owner of the location of the kiosk where they have to either pay a flat rent for the entire floor space that the kiosk occupies, or a percentage of the revenue that the machine generates.

As internet kiosks provide the users access to various internet sites, it is important that the kiosk be installed with an anti-virus software or special internet kiosk software and management procedures. This is essential to help reduce the chances of any exposure to unnecessary liability.

Features required in internet kiosks

In addition to this software to provide hackers from accessing the kiosk, internet kiosks should have a computer operating system like the latest version of Windows XP. In addition to this, the internet kiosk should also have Flash, acrobat reader and macromedia installed in it. Most internet users require this software while surfing the internet and thus prove helpful to them.

The owner of the internet kiosk of course has to choose a unique and individual username and password that they use to login into the system. For better versatility and demand amongst its users, the owners of internet kiosks have to be as interactive as possible. This way, it provides better and enhanced features and services to its users.

It is not enough to just install and run an internet kiosk. It should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure it offers the best and uninterrupted internet usage to its users.


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