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Warning: Ignore This Information on Salt Lake City Auto Insurance at Your Own Risk!

In Salt Lake City, auto insurance can be both affordable and give you the coverage you need, provided you know some essential information. For instance, did you know that in Utah it is the law to list all drivers who use your car on the policy covering it? Additionally, insurance companies in Utah are required by law to consider they type, size and age of your vehicle, the list price, how many miles you drive per year, and where the car is kept, when calculating a quote for your policy and premium. When calculating premiums, even more factors such as age, sex, driving record, home ownership, and even credit scores, must be taken into consideration. Having such information is vital to you finding the best possible car insurance policy in Salt Lake City.

Other factors considered by UT car insurance companies when calculating premiums are marital status, how long you have driven without having to file a claim, and even marital status. Additionally, the amount of traffic in your area and the average number of automobile accidents in it per year are considered. It can be an arduous task finding the best and most affordable auto insurance in Salt Lake City, but the following information is provided to make your job much easier.

Essential Facts about UT Auto Insurance

It is the law in Utah that you have liability insurance for all of the registered vehicles in your household. This ensures that in the event of an accident you will be able to pay for any resulting damages and/or injuries. resulting. This is not only considered to be socially responsible behavior, but lawmakers consider it as “financial responsibility.” Some states allow drivers to be self-insured, but this is not the case in Salt Lake City, UT. Drivers in Utah must have private insurance issued by an authorized auto insurance company. There are two specific types of insurance required by Utah law - liability insurance, and personal injury protection.

Liability provides coverage for persons injured (other than you) and property damaged in the event of an accident. Every driver in Utah must also have personal injury protection of at least $3,000 to cover injuries to themselves. This demonstrates “financial responsibility” to lawmakers, and is an essential element of UT car insurance policies. In fact, your insurer will issue you a “proof of insurance” certificate along with your policy, and it is in violation of law in Utah not to have one. There are severe penalties for those who fail to demonstrate financial responsibility by having auto insurance in Salt Lake City, UT, so keep your “proof of insurance” card in your car at all times.

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