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Custom Tuxedos or Any Off-the-Rack Suit?

The custom made tuxedo is the perfect attire which goes well with the black tie dress code. The origin of the tuxedo is traced to the nineteenth century in England. Despite its look of formality, there is huge diversity among different tuxedo elements. The colour of the tuxedo is typically black or even blue on some occasions. It also includes a white tie which is sometimes tied in like a Windsor.

The grooms in weddings mostly buy a tuxedo for their special night and it is obvious that this tuxedo will not be worn more than a couple of times in a year. So instead of the regular off-the-rack version of a suit, should he get something tailored for himself, which means custom-designed?

Most guys who are game for attending a couple of black tie events every year, it makes absolute sense to shell out money for the tuxedo. Most tuxedo designers are of the opinion that formal wedding should have a tuxedo for attire. Attire experts also attribute tuxedos to be the smartest attire that a man to have. The biggest reasons to choose custom-made suits and tuxedos over off-the-rack suits are the fitting and the overall quality of the tailoring. It is very rare that any tuxedo you buy off-the-shelf matches the exact size of your body and even fits you to the tee. The tailor-made garment is the best option for getting a tuxedo for oneself.

A ready-made tux or a custom suit might appear to be made perfectly but you cannot tell that exactly without wearing it. The craftsmanship involved is rare to find since there are not many who can make great custom tuxedos for the right fitting and size. According to some experts, since there are a number of off-the-rack suits and tuxedos available which can decently fit an average person, some people like to wear them since they are available at cheaper rates.

Mass production of suits are never going to fit everybody and need a bit of tweaking of some sort to fit in absolutely. Fine tailoring is looked upon as an art and few artists have the audacity for the perfect eye to get sews on. With a fused jacket, you won’t see much difference but after it is being treated with dry-cleaning for some times, it is noted that the jackets start to sag and the glue wears out. Taking proper care of fused jackets is essential and need to be used only if they are not to be used on a regular basis.

A custom tuxedo costs to the tune of 1,200 while the off the shelf tux costs around $350 and the price increases with the quality range. It is obvious that those who can’t afford would go in for the off-the-shelf stuff. But for buying a rare tuxedo suit, one needs to shell out something in the $850 range. The major designers have their best attire designed to be tuxedos. The best ones include brands like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.


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