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Money Dashboard Unveils the 3 Steps to Saving During Christmas

Money Dashboard, the free financial software service, has put together some top tips on ways to save money this Christmas and into the New Year.

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. This year Britons will spend around GBP89 billion on Christmas, from food and decorations to presents and travel. Trying to save at this time is therefore an uphill struggle. But Money Dashboard knows it is possible. Through its free online software anyone can take control of their finances. Users of the software can see exactly where their money goes, monitor their spending accordingly and even see how much money will be spare at the end of the month. Past spending patterns are used to predict the future, making saving more straightforward and fundamentally, more doable.

Money Dashboard has three key pieces of advice for budding savers. Here are some of their top tips.

See what you're spending
By monitoring spending people can see exactly where their money goes. With Money Dashboard all information from all accounts can be viewed in graphs, thus making it far easier to monitor, track and keep on top of incomings and outgoings. Monitoring allows people to be aware of their costs. A tough month with lots of outgoings such as December and January can be planned for in advanced and/or dealt with through some belt tightening shortly afterwards.

Make adjustments to help cut costs
By using Money Dashboard's forecasting facility, based on previous months, users can easily see how much they can expect to receive and pay out. If for example a big expenditure is coming up such as Christmas, users can adjust well in advance based on the budgeting model. The Money Dashboard software calculates for you accordingly, showing just how much will be available in the future based on savings and cutbacks now.

Plan ahead to continue saving
Money Dashboards Budget Planner makes saving for big occasions simple. It shows areas that can be reduced by distinguishing between all types of payments and earnings. Its Budget Planner breaks everything down into bite-size, easy-to-read manageable readings so people can take control of their finances.



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