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Over 50s Dating Tips

Many people are now looking forward to spending Christmas with family and friends. If you're over 50 and returning to the dating game, Christmas can be time of reflection and re-assessing your relationship goals. If you plan to find a new relationship and spend next Christmas cuddled up in front of the fire pulling crackers with a 'cracker', then these over 50s dating tips from The Retirement Centre may help.

(1) Interesting not Pretty

According to Huffington Post blogger and author of Get Married in a Year, Dr Janet Blair-Page, "men leave their wives less often for women who were younger, prettier, or sexier. They left for women who were more interesting." Many over 50s worry their looks are diminishing and this will prevent them finding love. Not so, says Dr Blair-Page. If there is one thing you have learned over the years, it's what you enjoy and who you are as an individual - and it is these qualities that will make you attractive to potential partners, not the next anti-wrinkle cream! More 50s dating tips from Dr Blair-Page here.

(2) Flirting Technique

Flirting doesn't come naturally to many people and is something that you may need to practice. Lingering eye contact (10 seconds of eye contact, look away, then glance back with a smile), paying compliments (sincere compliments about someone's physical appearance implies immediate attraction), smiling and laughing, and subtle body language hints (leaning in, tilting your head with a smile etc), are all ways to show attraction by flirting. If you're not confident, practice at home first. Your furniture and pets wont tell anyone.

(3) Out and About

If your daily routine hasn't proved fruitful in delivering a date, then you need to step outside your comfort zone, try new things and go to new places. Even if you don't find a date straight away, you will gain confidence and will have a more interesting social life to talk about when you do find someone. Twice a week, go out somewhere to meet new people, such as a dancing class or an art exhibition. Expand your social network, invite people round for dinner and put the same effort into meeting people as you would into looking for a new job.

Over 50s dating can be a really great opportunity to refresh your life, try new hobbies and have some fun. Enjoy it, and best of luck finding someone to share it with.

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