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Pros and Cons of CrN Coating on Tools

This coating is one of the several coatings applied through physical vapor deposition method. This coating has many benefits and some cons to offer. Let’s take a look at some of them here and see, why you should or should not get tools with CrN coating on them.

CrN coating pros

- Hardness
This coating adds significant amount of hardness to the surfaces. This means, you tools are not going to break down or get damaged so easily or so often. Extreme hardness means extended life for your coated tools.

- Corrosion protection
Corrosion is one of the enemies of your tools. In fact, it’s the most severe one. If you can get your metal tools protected from corrosion, you can extend their life and time of service. This means, you cut down your expenses on buying new tools or repairing the old ones. CrN coating may extend your tool life as much as by five times.

- Smooth surface
CrN coating make the tools’ surfaces even smoother. This means less fraction, more speed of rotation and less energy spent on making your tools do the job. Less friction also means less damage done to the tools and better results of your work.

- Color
CrN coating provides the coated surfaces with the golden color and glitter. That is why this coating can be used for design purposes. Plus, it gives your tools extra nice look. It makes them look nicer and sort of more professional.

- Non-toxic
All the coated surfaces with the CrN coating are non toxic for people or foods to be consumed.

Still, there are few cons to deal with, when talking about the tools with the CrN coating.
- Thickness
Even though CrN coating is indeed very thin (about 5 microns thick), it can add up to the thickness of the cutting surfaces of your tools, such as drilling bits. Some people report that using tools with coating is like using tools, which have already been in use for some time. It’s as if your new tools work as a bit used tools. However, only few people notice this problem.

- Cost
Tools with the CrN coating can be more expensive, then the non-coated tools. However, since the coating expends the life of your tools, eventually you save money on fixing or replacing the damaged ones.

As you may see, the pros of CrN coating on tools outmatch the cons.
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