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Customer Service Techniques: Convenience Has Trained Us to Expect Too Little

Sadly, in today's e-commerce climate, we have come to expect very little as consumers. While the amount of effort we put into that "hard-earned dollar" is the same, the amount of appreciation of where we spend it has been greatly devalued. It is easy to understand how this happened: the ability and convenience to shop a million stores--all at a mouse click, combined with our attention being grabbed and thrown from paid advertisements to pop-ups. We get that. What is not easy to understand is how, as a society, we have come to accept it.

The term 'customer service' in itself is self-explanatory: to serve the customer. Yet, even with that being blatantly obvious, many online businesses think that all they need to do to properly "serve" the online consumer is have their products available on a website combined with a page of return policies. In working with online consumers since 2005 at her site, Julia Ritzenthaler knew that potential clients appreciated a personal touch, as many clients take the time to recognize her and her team for it.

Shara-Dawn Chambers, a self-proclaimed "high-volume Internet customer," went so far as to say in her comment card "Thank you for restoring my confidence in the notion that the customer experience is every bit as important in cyberspace, as with bricks and mortar." It was from this testimonial and the others too numerous to count that Ritzenthaler knew she should start a blog to educate and celebrate exceptional client service. Thus, was born. "My goal with the company blog, was not just to tell our own 'Unique' story, but to help educate potential clients on how to recognize the "WOW factor" and show other companies how they can easily implement it."

Unfortunately, today's consumers don't often realize the importance of the "client experience" until it's too late, after all the time they spent searching for that perfect purchase, and after they complete that transaction. Ritzenthaler has trained her team that customer service is a not just an idea, but a core focus. They live and breathe it every day, both in their personal and professional lives. On top of that, they are encouraged to pay attention to their own day to day experiences outside of the business to bring back examples of how their own business model can be improved. "It's all about creating a customer-centric culture within your company." Ritzenthaler says, "Train your team to take care of your clients and prospective clients, even if it means recommending products from other stores. Trust me, not only will your customers thank you, they will recognize you through referring others. There's no greater complement than a referral."

Check out some of Ritzenthalers team's real life examples of "above and beyond" experiences they've practiced in their day to day roles as well as tried and tested customer service techniques at the site at

Unique Online Furniture has been in business since 2005, and has quickly become not only THE site to shop for the most unique styles and trends in bathroom fixtures and individual and unique mirrors, but also the business with the online experience most similar, if not better than that of a brick and mortar store. In addition to the testimonials too numerous to count, their client service has been recognized by a Professor at the University Of Cincinnati, who is using their client experience as a case study in an upcoming textbook.


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