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What Do Players Do When Hit The Current Highest Level in World of Warcraft

There are news that the highest level in Mists of Pandarian will be 90, but there are still a long way to go, players still have to wait for some time before its releasing. As the game as been in the market for many years, and many players already reached the current highest level of 85 in Wow for long time, what do they do when hit the highest level in World of Warcraft?

Some players left the game
---Active game funs
There are many active game funs, they always chase for news game, once they reach the highest level in a game, and finished most of the quests or raids in the game, and nothing more in the game to arouse their interest, they will choose to leave the game and pursue for another game. Referring to World of Warcraft, there is also no exception.

---Pressure from real life
Since the game has been in the game for many years, many young funs grew up with it, for them, this game is no longer the traditional meaning of a game, but just like a friend to them. For this group, they don’t want to leave, even which is no more challenging to them, but for the pressure comes from real life, they have to break up with this special friend.

Some players change the playing style in the game
There are some loyal funs to World of Warcraft, no matter how attracting the other new games are, which won’t do any influence to them, they still play the game with enthusiasm. So how do they enrich their wow experience?

PVE to PVP and vice versa
At the start of playing Wow, some players might choose to play PVE or PVP, and when they felt they have enjoyed enough in this mode, they will change to another, which will bring them a new world in the game.

Different class or factions
There are many classes in the game, when they hit the highest level of their current class, they will change to another class or faction, and make their life in the game never boring.

To be a collector or businessman in the game
There are many amazing and rare items in the game, if any player can have one, wherever he goes, he will always become the focus in the game. As players hit the highest level in World of Warcraft and very familiar with the game, for them to get these good items may be relative easier, some will just collect these items for their own use, some will to be a businessman and make some cash by selling these items.

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