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Features Of A Netbook

Netbooks are lightweight and inexpensive computers. They are small and legacy free. They are not necessarily like laptops. They have taken away the market space of notebooks. A netbook weighs just about two and a half pounds or even below than that. They have lesser features when compared to a laptop. Netbooks are increasingly used for educational purposes. In the growing geek world, it is necessary that children are aware of the use of computers on a day to day basis.
Netbooks are power friendly and very easy to use for internet purposes.

Mini Netbooks size also varies. It may range between 9 inch, 10 inch and 12 inches. They generally contain 1 or 2 GB RAM. The internal storage generally ranges between 160 GB and 250 GB. Mini computers and netbooks also offer Wi-Fi facilities. Netbooks offer great advantage of price, ease of use and easy portability for children. Netbooks though may not be a full-fledged computer but they can perform all activities required in educational purposes. A netbook has no internal disc drive. Many schools are providing netbooks for children at subsidized prices.

Netbook have operating systems like Windows and Linux. But the best netbook is the Netbook Android. A netbook androidis powered by android operating system. Android was basically created to be used in mobile phones. But they have become so popular that their usage is increasing to a number of other gadgets. Some of the netbook android ones are found with an older version; nevertheless they are still very useful in certain cases. When you compare an ordinary netbook and a netbook android there are surely certain advantages for a netbook android. As they have a better battery life when compared to Windows netbooks. They resume faster from a stand by position.

Many brands have tried to put the netbooks in the low end market. This is because they do not fetch much profit for the companied who manufacture personal computers. But as the times have gone, many new manufacturers have brought netbooks to the market with smarter look and useful features as result of which their popularity has risen to new levels. Many foreign countries are providing free netbooks to students and teachers. Most of the netbooks have parental control, wireless networking and antivirus protection. The use of netbooks is not only limited in education but they are also preferred by business travelers. Many of the professionals use netbooks instead of laptops. Thus netbooks are still emerging.


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