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Why I Love My Wife's Cardigans

It might sound kind of crazy, but I completely adore my wife's cardigans. For all those who're questioning, cardigans are a particular type of sweater. From what I've noticed, they are usually created from a thin fabric and have buttons all of the way up the front. I've usually been somebody who attaches specific pieces of clothes to memories and events, so maybe that is why I really adore her cardigans.

The very initial time I remember seeing my wife inside a cardigan sweater was when I picked her up for our first date numerous years before she became my wife. I'll by no means forget how innocent and nervous she looked, and that she was wearing a navy cardigan with her skirt. She explained to me later that she had nearly twenty cardigans when we met and that it took her almost an hour to settle on wearing the navy 1.

An additional time I maintain in thoughts my wife and her cardigans was when she accompanied my family on a three week trip to Italy just prior to we had been married. My parents invited her to go with me, my siblings and their spouses, and it made for pretty a great members of the family members trip. I was at her apartment the evening before we had been leaving and she was getting the hardest time packing her clothes. She wanted to turn out to be comfy on our trip, however she wanted to impress our members of the family members, and so she was attempting to find out the extremely very very best clothes she had. I maintain in thoughts laughing at her and saying that her clothes did not matter, and ultimately she let me help her choose a couple of of her very very best cardigans to take along on the trip.

Within the ten years I've recognized my wife, cardigans are the 1 kind of clothes that she has by no means gotten sick of. I've noticed her replace almost one an additional post of clothes she owns, but with regards to her cardigans, they just keep obtaining much much more and a lot much much more piled up in her closest. Fortunately for me, I am told, I discover my wife's little obsession with cardigans to turn out to be rather funny. I guess it would drive me crazy if I didn't.

As you will probably guess, my wife also brought a few cardigans on our honeymoon. Every time she'd pull 1 out to put on I'd smile. By the time we married the reality that she loved to put on cardigans was so her that I just had to smile every time she chose to place on 1 for dinner or something else.

So I guess I adore my wife's cardigans due to all of the memories I have with her wearing them and because they are such a staple of her wardrobe. It's the little issues in life that really imply something, and her cardigans imply something special to me.


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